Friday, February 27, 2009

Quality Hackers Satchel

Quality Hackers Satchel, originally uploaded by bsdpunkblog.

So I encourage two things when purchasing or otherwise procuring/building a tool, and that is....that it is a quality tool and DIY if you can. Sometimes you choose things you think are quality but, they aren't, like maybe a 300 dollar monitor that doesn't come with a dvi cord....**cough WESTINGHOUSE cough**.However somethings are just great. My hackers satchel for's tough and awesome. It has 140k pockets 20 of witch are zippered. But it's best feature is that it was made by my grrl. This satchel rocks. Hoorah for DIY.


Mary said...

and its PURPLE!


Chris said...

Thats sexeh Bsd ^^