Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So I want to do a video series called Drinking with BSDPunk a begginers guide to python...but

I want to do video tutorials for python, for my readers. Ok Ok I hear criticism from my fans, why why not perl. Well I am pretty ok with perl, and I am trying to hone another skill to increase my skillset. That being said I want to teach python as I learn. So this video would entail a drunken youtubed BSDPunk teaching python, however I am incredibly busy, but I could make time if the interest is there. So if you want this series to happen I need some comments or something to let me know more than EdgeX- would watch.


Chris said...

I think it would be awesome if you did some tutorials on Python Networking, Bots, and other things that have the same principal. I've also been reading a book on python game development, its like a really simplified C++, and Pygame uses the power of the SDL library, which is a bonus. Maybe some simple games or like just some flashy graphics. Well that's at least what I'd like to see ^_^

J. J. said...