Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Search Terms, or what people google, to find me

People find my page a lot through google. Using analytics I can sometimes see if they found what they needed, by seeing what they searched for and what page they landed on. Sometimes there are questions, that aren't answered on my blog, that I can answer, in the next section of my post, I will answer as many of these as I can, however sometimes people google weird things, and end up at my site....I will deal with those in the last section of this post.

1. bandwidth of nxt mindstorms ultrasonic sensor
I'm not for sure, cause it pretty much sucks, however typically on a numerical range of 0 to 1023, if there was nothing obstructing the view within an inch I would get something in between 900 - 1002, you will notice my ruby script specifies the value must be over 1002 to react. And I really couldn't get a reaction beyond an inch or two.

2. communicate to mindstorm nxt through hyperterminal
I am pretty sure this is possible though, you may want to use putty and just put it on raw and direct it towards your usb. I was able to use cat, and send some perl through bluetooth, but this was mostly do to help from here:

3. dustin hurt hacking contest computer security
I assume this was someone looking to see if I ever got hurt during a hacking contest. To my knowledge I have never been physically injured in a hacking contest.

4. eeepc camera freebsd
I looked myself at one point into seeing if FreeBSD would support the webcam on a eeePC and most accounts said no, perhaps some reader can comment and prove this wrong ? :)

5. how to get the arp packet
Cain and able of course. :) Or you can look at my little perl scripty:


1. watch people die

I knew that was a bad name for that post.

2. free +begginer cyber sex

No, we don't really help you with that on this blog.

3. hak5 "rule 34"

This is just scary. I mean sure Darren is a decent looking fellow....but really....How hard up are you.

4. internal diagram of a walrus

err....ummm...I don't know

5. openbsd rule 34

Try looking up the word blowfish on google image search

6. ayn rand "rule 34"
Ummm, why....why would you do this?

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