Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alpha-Rex, Ruby-nxt fail, out takes of my robot with a microkorg voice

***EDIT Appparently I built him wrong as at LEAST 200 hundred people have let me know END EDIT July 12th 2009***

Alpha Rex is a horrible design, but only partially my fault. He was designed by lego and is the flagship robot for the nxt design series. I had to improvise a lot of the building because I just didn't have the parts. And yeah I may have lost a lego or two, but not that many honestly for the amount of improvisation involved. On top of that I could tell just by the design that his "legs" were just a hack. He doesn't really walk, in fact much more similar to spike, he "land swims". With the program I wrote for him I pretty much just wanted to get him to walk by alternating the motors. Oh woah is me. Just watch the video to see what ensuses. So just wanting a robot platform to put intelligence into I sit and I wait and I hope, eyes gazing towards the Nao robots.


matthew said...

Your 'land-swimming' robot is the shit bsd.

Sidneys1 said...

You seriously built him wrong. Alpha Rex was a very well designed and very effectively functioning robot.

Have a nice day,