Friday, July 3, 2009

Contact Mic Vs Refrigerator, and Updates

Contact Mic Vs Refrigerator, and Updates

So this is really shitty quality but, I used the line in and got better results, I also played with eq and volume nobs on my new mixer and got better results. So milage may very. I wanted to update you guys on a few things:

New Blog
Is now up, and it will be where I right my more personal entries, I am slowly going to start adding posts from the old were boobs blog, you may or may not remember. I will be posting old posts and working on the theme all weekend. So it will be pretty crazy until then.

I also wanted to give some shout outs:
Link bee is the devil, it's a linking service like but you can make money based on the amount of link's through it, because it opens everything through an iframe and displays ad's. Pretty much ruining someone's surfing experience.
A friend of mine started a blog, his first post being about fixing and taking apart an iMac.
I found this really cool, but somewhat web 1.0 site While searching for pedal powered blimps. And recieved excellent customer service from Electronics Goldmine in which I didn't even have to call to get my order corrected(I goofed, not them). I simply sent an email, and they took care of it. I am sure some of you actually want to talk to a person, and I am sure they would handle it just as gracefully if you did, however I just didn't have time and they took care of me, I really appreciate it.

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matthew said...

You can do the hardware haxorin and I'll program everything with mah assembly.