Friday, August 7, 2009

How bsdpunk, and the blog are doing.

At defcon....I hurt myself. Bad. I twisted my ankle. I busted a knee. I hit my head on a...well I don't remember, it hurt though. Besides that I'm well....Oh wait, no I am not. I am seeing a GP regularly as well as a specialist. My grandmother who most of you know I live with, just had a mini-stroke. I am being unfairly treated by a Debt collection service agency, who continually offer impossible itinerary for deposits, and I don't mean like I don't have enough money I just mean I tell them when I get paid and there like, ok just have the money in our account the day before(ok not that extreme, but still not possible){There name is DCS btw, student loans of course}. I Haven't programmed anything so I haven't put anything up but, looking at the stuff on makes me hopeful. Started righting less nerdcore more electroclashy/industrial sounds awful so far.
On the good side I met a few people at defcon. One was @spaceageminds, he will be selling computer systems soon so check him out. I also met a fellow I may be collaborating with on some music with, which is nice.

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J. J. said...

Sorry to hear about all the insanity. Hope things turn around soon!