Friday, August 7, 2009

Vegas sucks. Defcon is Good

Airport Vegas

Yes there are slots in the airport.

Las Vegas sucks. Why does Vegas suck? It's expensive the people suck, except the bellmen, and the hackers of course. The bus is expensive(I know, I ride buses). The strip club sucks(seriously she ripped the scar tissue in my back, seriously). Vegas fucking sucks. Everyone's desperate and everyone's a con....I know I know I did it wrong, here's how I failed at vegas and how you can succeed.

I stayed at the Riviera.
Fail: Over 80 bucks a night.
Should have stayed at circus circus across the street, much cheaper.

Fail, mostly I bought stuff at the convience store in the hotel(sandwhices), about 5 bucks a piece.
Should have taken the 7 dollar all day bus pass first day and loaded up on groceries off the strip/old strip.

Many more fails, dancing injuries etc... but anyways vegas sucks, it's expensive.

Defcon is good....well for what I wanted was, it is ok.

I went to network with people. This was a total disaster. The whole con was so clicky it was hard to infiltrate groups and just talk to people. I tried really hard. I am positive I shook over a thousand hands(very difficult for someone as introverted as myself). I TRIED. I didn't get to talk to that many people though, that sucked, leave comments on how to do that better if you know. Everyone I met said, go to shmoocon it's better for that.
The hardware hacking room was SO AWESOME and if I wasn't just trying to meet people, I would have probably spent all my time there. There were all kinds of contests and if I wanted to be involved in one of those I would have had a better time, when you have a chance look up:

badge hacking (look forward to a post on two of my favorite people's badge hack)
gringo warrior challenge
Scavanger Challenge

The EFF party was awesome, and int80 of DualCore was awesome, he got me to get up to the party and introduced me to a lot of cool people. Thanks int80, he is @dualcore if you are interested.

There was no free swag in the vendors area....unless you bought stuff...and you know me, I bought to many books. There was a place called Unix Surplus that had a lot of great deals on servers and old mac and sgi boxes. There site is currently :/ but maybe they will restock after defcon and have a good ebay site or something soon.

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