Friday, November 13, 2009

The Samsung Moment An android phone

Engadget kind of slammed this phone, but I bought it anyways. They said:

On that level, we applaud Sprint for staying on the ball and recognizing that the keyboardless Hero wasn't enough to satisfy every last subscriber who'd like to get in on Android. Thing is, the Moment still feels like a first-generation device -- and for a platform that launched commercially a solid year ago, that's not really acceptable.

Engadget Review

I haven't really owned a smartphone since my sidekick 2(if you even consider that a smart phone), so maybe I'm not the guy to make judgement. But I love this phone. The pictures it takes are acceptable quality:

***To see full size photo click, then on the flickr page click all sizes, then click original***

The videos it takes are the same:

And the fact that I can listen to from and to work makes me happy. The only thing I think that feels first generation about this device, is that it's a little thick. But with an 800Mhz processor which is one of the faster chips in the android phone, and a full qwerty keyboard, the thickness doesn't bother me. I used an iPod touch as my PDA before I got my Moment, however the moment has completely replaced this device. The only real criticism I have of this device is that it came with android 1.5, rather than 1.6 or 2.0....What up with that? But really that hasn't affected my experience, all the apps I wanted are there...with the exception of a kindle app, which I REALLY enjoyed on my ipod touch. But there are no kindle apps on any android. But I have heard that they are making a kindle app for the day in the far future. So I guess I'll wait for that.

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