Sunday, January 17, 2016

An Introduction to Open directories

Open directories on the internet are directories that are being served by a web server. Some times they are open on purpose as to share the files, or because the owner wants easy access and assumes no one is going to download those files from there server. Perhaps a little more rare is if they are shared not on purpose at all, this is less likely because in apache or whatever web server your using you have to specify that the server can list the contents of a directory. The reason isn't really important to most, as most people just want to download what's in them.

Let's say you wanted pictures of a penguin, to search for an open directory with something like that you could do:

+(.jpg|.gif|.png|.tif|.tiff|.psd) Penguins intitle:"index of"

Hmmm...I bet if I wanted to search for a movie of a penguin you could edit that in jiff....**HINT HINT**

I found a site with zoo pictures with this search. And I have decided I want all the pictures from the zoo. Our best bet is to use wget, a utility that can run on mac, windows or linux. Typically when I use wget I use -c, just in case I started the download earlier, it will start from that point and not start over. You can use that switch even if the download had not been started before. I just like being in the habit of using it, just in case. I'm also going to use the --mirror flag, so that I grab the enterity of the site. Depending on how much you want to download you may want to restrict the wget pull with --no-parent as well.

wget -c --mirror

Now let's say it was movies, you may want to download a lot of movies...but like, I would have to assume you have a lot of bandwidth and a big ass freenas box, cause that's insane.  Anyway if stuff like this interests you there are a lot of wicked tutorials and just straight up open directory links on reddit. And if you like free stuff, you might also like my post on torrenting with a seedbox.

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