Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hacking your self control

When I was in San Antonio, I was by myself. And I mean like really by myself. It was a dark time. While I had a job I loved I didn't have companionship or hope really. For whatever reason with depression came poor impulse control. I would spend money on any electronics, games, or other escapisms. And I started to run out of money before pay day. Not good. What I did to solve this was I bought one of these:

I feel like it was cheaper when I bought it....hmmm... Anyway, what I would do is take cash out of an atm and throw it in the kitchen safe and wind it up for a few days then, when I could get to the cash I would have a predetermined amount I could take out, take that out then lock it again. This was the closest thing I could get to discipline. But it worked. Oh and if you think you don't have enough self control to destroy it and take the money might be a crazy person. The fact that it's like 60 dollars now should be deterrent enough. But let's say you couldn't deal. Well you could get this hardcore device.

Oh and here is this to bum you out: The one thing I took away from it, is if you want to lock something away from your self, that's larger than the safe, you just get a container that you can padlock and throw the key in the safe.

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