Monday, January 25, 2016

Everything I learned about linux in the past 24 hours 1453784559

I did more with linux today than I do most. Which is why it's so frustrating I learned so little. I struggled with an arch install, with some grub stuff. I can't really tell you what I learned from it though. I could get the OpenSuse install to use my wifi card correctly, it recognized it but could get a dhcp address. And I never figured that one out. However, on thing I did learn today is i3, a windows manager, is clean looking fun to use and insanely fast. I had acquired quite the jump in performance when I moved from gnome to awesomewm . And was even more impressed by the speed jump of awesome to i3. It was really easy to customize i3 and the only wonky thing was that instead of hjkl for arrows they had jkl; Which seems insane since it's like a 40 year old standard, but you can change that in the config.

The biggest problem I had was getting urxvt to look the way I wanted I kept putting the appropriate entries int .Xresources. Turns out you have to load it first, I'm a dumbass.


xrdb -load ~/.Xresources

Anyone I ended up with what I would like to think is a pretty clean looking machine:

I looked through my history and I didn't see any cool one liners or regexes today. They must have been destroyed by constantly cycling through distros to figure out what I wanted.

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