Sunday, January 10, 2016

The R language, Outsider Math, and the Bad Decision Method

So I've been blogging on another blog, but I don't really have enough material to do regular updates on it. But I do on this one, so this blog is now active again. And I guess as a return I will talk about R which is the language I'm primarily using on that other one. Mostly it is a language for statistics and I have used it to great effect to show that it can do math, like combinatorics easily. Even if the scripts on there are clearly a work in progress. You'll have to keep following it as I advance those scripts because they are like 4 weeks behind where I am actually at with them and that's for multiple reasons. But I digress let's talk about R. One of my favorite things about R is how easily it graphs. It's like excel if instead of pretending it was both a database and a programming language, it was just a very real programming language. It has some example data in it so you do some cool tricks right out the bat. For example if you want to map, the example set of data, called volcano, right in the shell you can type:

> image(volcano)

And this image will appear:

It also has some data structures that are just awesome, like in lieu of arrays it has vertexes and it has matrix instead of multi-dem-arrays or hash tables. I highly recommend codeschool from O'Rielly just to get you started.
And I really want to purchase this book for my future Outsider Math endeavors.
I'll be posting a general linux interview prep, and some stories about my linux interview experiences, in the near future, it will be after Tuesday and maybe a little later as well, as I do have at least one interview scheduled next week. And probably today I will crank out an article about how to cut up a DraftKings.csv using linux. As well as a break down of some one liners from my tumblr bdm.

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