Thursday, September 22, 2016

Everything I have learned about Linux...errr Mac, since Wednesday 1474607836

So I saw this post today:
Long story short...I used linux for a year, here are my thoughts. As someone who uses linux as a Desktop daily, I never understand what the big deal is. Well, I bit the bullet and bot a Mac on Wednesday. Not because I don't love my trusted linux box, but because the laptop itself was a loaner, and being that I cashed out my 401k, to you know...stay alive, I figured I could use some of it to buy a lappie for myself. I got the cheapest offering, a year old air. so this is:
Everything I learned about using a mac since Wednesday
One thing I have noticed, is that I have sacrificed A WHOLE LOT OF WEIGHT. I don't know what the XPS I was using weighed, but I went from one extreme to the other, and with seemingly no performance cost. To be fair the XPS was several years old and I don't think I ever got a good graphics driver for it. But man this thing flies.
The only thing I am actually having trouble with is Desktop snapping and Window management, in the past I have used Ametheyst, but I have not yet installed it and remember that it wasn't the full flavored solotion I really wanted, so I shall try some new ones, and get back to you.
Also, I have been using brew for package management, and fuck yeah vim is at 8 in brew. rock. So I'm going to continue to do these mac updates, with the things I learn.


Jani Mikkonen said...

No experience with Amethyst. For me needs, ShiftIt has been great!

Andrew Lee said...

Spectacle App and Moom are both decent window managers. Both have keyboard hotkeys. Spectacle is pretty simple and Moom is more complex and lets you assign default window placements.

Spectacle App