Thursday, November 3, 2016


I started working on a top secret project, involving Machine Learning, and predictive analysis.But because of the territory I have been doing a lot of graphing. Just a by product of learning R I guess. tinyLove, is doing well. I would like to state if I was starting over, I would start my R installation from this page:

Rather than just bulldozing ahead with brew. I've had a little bit of an issue with one of the more obscure package installs. And I feel like i wouldn't have had to go to the extreme effort, to get that package installed if I would have known about the above site. I do love the mac, I can't live without a tiling desktop however. So I have KWM and KHD installed:

KWM and KHD are mighty powerful. Also a tad more complicated that I would prefer. I miss the simple mod4+# to switch to a space. And I think if I had the will I could edit the config file to be that simple, but I wanted to get a feel for what I thought the designer was going for. And I really appreciate the depth in thought they went for.

Also this evening I was fucking around with Julia, which is a language in it's infancy. I wanted to do something simple but practicle with it, so I made a weather getter with it. One thing I noticed was my curl command picked up a different set of information than the Julia Requests library. I took a gamble that it was the User-Agent making all the difference, and that resetting it in the infant Julia would actually work. That payed off.

using Requests
import Requests: get

cat = get(""; headers = Dict("User-Agent" => "curl/7.37.0"))
thedata = transcode(String,


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