Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Outlying operating systemes

I want to talk about two peices of tech that don't get a lot of attention.


From my handle you may have gathered that I like BSD. And I do, and it was my favorite. And I got into Mac stuff and I figured since mac has some bsd, kinda sorta that I could keep the handle. And that was, like 8 years ago, if not more. But I have not kept up with the FreeBSD community for a while. It is certainly time to start again.

Systemd is making me nervous about linux. And maybe I should get at least a toe back in that pond. I mean it would make a lot of sense to get something like a Freenas to get back in the hang of it, and slowly expand from there. I want to BSD again.

While browsing /r/UnixPorn the other day I ran into the coolest desktop ever.

By /u/whoibeiz

And at that point I was like, fuck I gotta get back in that community.


TempleOS is an os, it does most the things modern OS's do. It ss writtin by a sole developer Terry A. Davis. He has shizophrenia, and god told him to write it. The most peculiar of God's declarations was that it must run in 640x480 and it can't have networking devices. If not for the networking part I would probably be trying to adapt this system for daily use. No not really...well maybe.

The shell and most of the programming is in a homebrew language called HolyC from the best I can determine.

It's very clear this OS is aspiring to be a Commodore64. While it clearly takes elements from most modern operating systems it, really wants you to write directly to the hardware as much as possible. I think that Terry has a fondness for the Commodore machine, or maybe God does, I don't know I'm not a divine being. I have watched a lot Terry's videos on youtube, and actually recommend you do to, if you can take the random spouts of the n word, that and rambling has gotten Terry kicked off a lot of message boards.

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